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Cultural Transformation

Cultural Alignment

Successful organisations are those who have achieved alignment at every level of the organisation from the senior executive team to management to their people. Alignment of purpose, alignment behind one vision, alignment in the way things get done and alignment in how we treat each other and our customers.

We support you to achieve organisation alignment with a top down bottom up approach. Our programs operate at the executive level, middle management and employee base creating lasting impact, removing barriers to productivity and providing the organisational skills necessary to create an unbeatable resilient and adaptable team who are accountable for their performance.


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Cultural Shift

Our methodology of creating cultural shift is unique and highly effective. We are experienced in assessing workplace cultures, designing and customising programs that work. The key to creating shift is measurement and understanding the base culture and layering initiatives over time which support sustainable change. Implementation is the start of a three year journey requiring commitment to enable the shift with the realisation that circumstances and markets change and refinement of the behavioural drivers of the business will need to adapt over time.


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Cultural Integration

When bringing two companies, two divisions or two departments’ together one of the challenges is to successfully integrate the existing cultures. Often we slam organisations together and hope for the best with the dominate culture winning out instead of purposefully weaving the cultures.

Our unique process of weaving successfully shapes the desired culture without one party feeling they have lost to the other. Integration can be more than one plus one, it can equal three with the support of our program.


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Diagnosing Shadow Cultures

Is your organisation culture toxic, hostile, not supporting the direction of the organisation and not supporting a productive work environment?

The Shadow Culture Audit reviews the actual behaviours and dynamics of the organisation revealing how the business actually operates warts and all. Having the courage to address these shadow behaviours and making them transparent is a critical step in addressing them and enabling real change. We effectively introduce the elephant in the room and support the organisation to manage its shadow side.

This program also supports the introduction of values programs. Your values are how you aspire to operate, the key to achieving your aspiration is being “real” about the organisation and the dynamics which may be standing in the way of moving to your desired company culture. See our dedicated site http://www.elephantincompany.com/


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Values Programs

The values of your organisation drive the behaviours, support your culture and how your people approach each other as well as internal and external customers. They are the foundation of your business. Defining the values of the organisation is most effective when you consult with the organisation in their development creating ownership and setting up a successful implementation.

Many programs fail because they are top down, focus on launch and then remain on glossy posters without embedding. The key is layering the implementation over time creating a sustainable framework. We have developed a program to support the creation, implementation and embedding of values programs.


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Building Trust Based Organisations

Trust is the basis of all successful relationships including the relationship between employee and company, employee and customer. Integro Leadership Institute has defined the values that create trust, developed a survey which measures the overall level of trust within the organisation, and developed a program, we are accredited to deliver, in supporting organisations with the practical skills and understanding to build a trust based culture.


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Business Case for Values and Cultural Change

It is our experience the commitment to values and cultural change programs at the executive level is very mixed. Part of your team will innately understand the value and will actively support your program. There will be part of your team who will need to be convinced this program is worth the investment of their time and energy and importantly the time and energy of the team they are leading. How do you convince the doubters?

We have developed a program to analyse the business case for change to ensure the entire executive team are on board. Working with your support team from Finance, HR, IT and the business we crunch the numbers and provide the evidence from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives. We present the written business case to the executive and facilitate a session encouraging the debate to ensure all perspectives are out on the table and commitment can be successfully achieved.


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Organisation Engagement and Effectiveness Surveys

Whether you wish to measure, engagement, employee passion, values uptake, organisation effectiveness or conduct pulse surveys to measure employee opinion and organisation morale we have a range of survey methodologies and depending on the specific requirements of our clients we partner with local and international organisations which provide the most appropriate tool.

We tailor the survey to achieve the planned outcomes, create an implementation plan, work with your team on the launch communications and monitoring of response rates, provide expert analysis of the reports, and debrief the results with your executive and across the organisation. It’s not just about the data though, it’s about working through the analysis and creating the programs to support change.


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