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Passport Program

The Passport Program is a revolutionary way to encourage good leavers to return to your company in the future. It doesn't have to end here, with the war on talent and Australia and New Zealand being small recruitment pools, our past employees may well be our future.

When we restructure the role is no longer required with the impact of termination for the employee... but it isn't personal. Companies lose so much talent when they restructure and employees once terminated don't think about returning to the company. It doesn't have to end like this. Circumstances often change for companies and leaving the door open at this point can pave the way for their return.

The program involves issuing a passport to the employee leaving, including their accrued personal leave, and detailed records of roles and training and latest reference by their manager. The company keeps in touch with a quarterly newsletter where they are updated on vacancies and developments in the company. Should they return in the future they will have their personal leave accrual reinstated and their original commencement date recognised as an incentive

The program includes template passport, database, letter, communication program and newsletter format. All you need to administer the program.