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Cavalier Bremworth Carpets

In late 2012 I was given the challenge of merging two businesses in the Australian Market, Cavalier Bremworth and Norman Ellison Carpets. I called on Company Restructure to support the team through the initial three month rollercoaster, which is a merger. Tanya’s advice was invaluable in weaving through the internal politics, Australian legislation and team dynamics to get the best possible outcome. Her expert coaching to develop the international and national communications and change management processes were crucial to the success of the initial implementation phase.

2015 Thank you to Company Restructure for your advice and support in outsourcing our national logistics function. You have again helped us to get the best possible outcome, fine tuning our processes and successfully taking our people on the change journey.

Cathy Howitt
General Manager Australia


Company Restructure has supported us with a cultural transformation program over the last two and a half years. We have increased our Hewitt employee engagement index over this period from a bottom quartile score to a top quartile score. Our business productivity and financial results have also transformed during this period.

Stephen Eggleton
Managing Director Oceania

Schneider Electric

The strategic importance of our integration project meant we had to ensure we set it up for success from the outset, which required a fresh approach to our restructuring. I wanted to make the point this was different to other restructures.

Thank you to Company Restructure for your support in challenging our project team to do it differently and successfully engage our leaders.

Darren Burnnand
Head of Services


As with most Australian manufacturers we are faced with increased competition from overseas. We made the decision to invest in a new state of the art production process from Europe in order to offer higher end products to our market. With our new machinery installed we needed to upgrade our entire system of work, engage our people and get a return on our investment.

We called on Company Restructure to partner with us over a six month period. Tanya was able to identify the gaps in our system of work and develop practical and effective solutions, gave us the tools to successfully engage with our people at every level and has set us up to achieve our commercial goals as leaders in our market.

We look forward to future expansion with the support of Company Restructure.



Company Restructure Pty Ltd has partnered with us to provide innovative strategy and implementation support to our Managed Services outsourcing projects over the last five years.

Two core elements of this support has been the setting up of our outsourcing people systems and building our internal team capability to successfully balance our customer, people and commercial outcomes.

Rob Carroll
Human Resources Director Optus