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Change Management & Restructuring Training

Senior Manager Briefings

Senior management teams are restructuring frequently but are they restructuring successfully?

We have developed a senior manager briefing module (two and a half hours in duration), where our experienced senior consultants challenge the senior team to restructure commercially, legally and ethically. The focus is to reduce the negative impacts of the change on your environment while achieving planned results of the restructure and enhancing employee engagement. It is a balancing act, be prepared to look at restructuring differently.


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Human Resource Team Briefings

A core competency of all Human Resource teams is to support the organisation through business transformation, supporting managers to implement change successfully. Human resource teams often have a range of competency in restructuring and particularly large scale restructuring. We customise training modules aimed at addressing the competency gap to empower your HR team to be more effective and better able to support your managers and people.


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Manager Notification Training

We are experienced in delivering customised redundancy notification training to support your managers in the challenging process of conducting notifications. We work with you to develop scripts, case studies and role plays reflecting your companies process. A key element of the training is a module on the legal boundaries, safety obligations and dealing with escalated responses such as suicide threats and violence.

How your managers conduct notifications has impact on: the people being notified; the team remaining; legal risk; and the confidence of the manager themselves. Support your managers to be prepared.


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Change Management Training

We have developed a four step change management process, one that doesn't sit on a shelf in a folder but one that actually works to successfully transition your people and processes. Your managers will be empowered to engage your people and refocus them to achieve the outcomes of the new organisation structure. Your managers will be able to customise a team change management plan, supporting the overall organisational change management strategy.

A critical component of our change management methodology has been the development of a module called "Turning Company Hostages Around", which has been designed to reengage employees who have lost their commitment to the business as a reaction to previous change implementations.


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Change Resilience

Organisations who train their managers in how to manage the change process are more effective in transitioning, companies who empower their people to manage the change process for themselves have a flexible and agile workforce ready for whatever comes next. The investment in training your workforce is returned in a faster rebound period and a quicker return to full productivity with improved employee engagement.


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